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Sunday, April 25, 2004
half way down the road
then i turn back again
one last chance
i would do it all again
don't hold back the sarrow
don't hold back the tears
comming down that road again
life is caught up in a miror
reflect back on the future
look into the eyes of the past
don't let the cold soul tell you diffrent
your worth the fight to be my last

stuck in the middle
afraid to go back
when your world begins to crumble
when the sun shines through the leaves
makes patterns on our faces
when the world seems simple and beautiful
hold on
hold onto me

don't know where i stand
don't know where to go
follow down that lonley road of being alone
two souls cauth in the middle
who you've been and who you are
stuck in a picture behind glass
like a window into the past

stuck in the middle
afraid to go back
when your world begins to crumble
when the sun shines through the leaves
makes patterns on our faces
when the world seems simple and beautiful
hold on
hold on to me
** tessa**
o and i would just like to say i deffinantly didnt post that thing about leslie
Saturday, January 24, 2004
Sometimes its hard to remember
difficult, in this stoic state
To recall the futile results of feeling
strong emotions.
To remember just how it was to taste sweet drops of rain.

However, while here in this fortress
bricks piled high with apathy
the fact or truth or reality
of it all
seems to convieniently dissipate.

Into this equation where it seems that gravity always wins,
the conintuance of life refusing to pause,
and instigating simple emotions to become fleeting and short lived.
All the while they become dried up as dust, rotted acorns on forest floor-
A stringent course assumed, blowing the perhaps surge of emotion
out the open door.

So while perhaps the young mistress once wished
for a wild knight to barge down the palace walls.
The surreality has become a commonplace
there. Has emerged an amount of a steadfast, continual

Thursday, December 25, 2003
Trust is a secret combination to a lock. Two turns of faith, one turn of fantasy, half a turn of truth. Trust me. It sounds so false.
Saturday, December 06, 2003
Can't Turn Your Back

Don't turn your back on me,
though it may seem the easiest thing to do.
I'm still sitting here alone
Right where life has left me
So many years ago.
Have I proven them right?
Am I just a complete waste of time?
Don't turn your back on me,
'Cuz I would never do that to you.

I'm shivering in the dark
Asking closed hands for a little help.
But I seem stuck in a life I don't want.
My roots are not allowing me to move;
My leaves fell long ago.
Fading colors leave me skin.
I'm disappearing slowly,
But still not slow enough.
I seem forgotten,
Just another face in the crowd.
Someone turned their back on me,
And left me here alone.

My hear is cold,
And has changed its color;
Green, for the life I don't live.
The clouds walked into my life
long ago,
with no intentions of ever leaving.
When can I let it all out,
the scream that will shock the world?
Let my life be heard,
A whisper through their ears,
A stab in everyone else's back.
Let the thorns in my words
Pinch their skin with fear.
Let them be afraind,
for this is who they created,
And I can't go back;
It's time I turn my back on them.

My body is longing for a change,
Away from the dark alley's and
tunnels in my past.
I've created this for myself,
And now I feel it is time to
leave you,
And turn my back against myself.


Wednesday, November 19, 2003
An Entry from CC:

okay so here goes...
today the most discusting thing happened
so...i went to McDonalds (lyk always) for lunch today
and as you all know i'm saving to get ma belly button pierced
so i dont each a lot and lunch
but today was different...i decided to try the chicken nuggets
so i spend my $6 on my food (leaving me now w. $1 for the rest of the week)
everythings good i'm lookin forward to ma meal...yum yum
we sit down w. sum other friends and we start eating and talking
its lunch (my only break) having a good time
and all of a sudden CRUNCH
i spit out ma food into my hand bc the napkin right in front of me is too far away lol
all ma friend turn and stare at me lyk "y the fuck is she spitting out her food"
wen they see me pull out the BONE the size of a NICKLE they understand
i almost puked the rest of my food up i was so discusted
take my word for it THIS ISN'T NORMAL
so i go up to the people and showed them the bone
i said "i found a bone in my chicken nuggets!"
lady w. not teeth "there's supposed to be bones in chicken!!!"
so the manager comes over and says he'll look at it
now i'm think to myself "yay i'm gonna get my money bak i cuda choked on that"
but noooo....the manager said do u want another set of chicken nuggets??
hell no u crazi?!?!? i can look at the chicken ne more i found a BONE in mine
so now my day sux...i'm out 6 bucks and didn't even get to eat my food
you never kno wacha gonna get (real chicken my ass hole)

So I've decided.. this is going to be a multi purpose website because..since i have chosen the weaker route in life by abandoing veganism (ignorance is bliss) I have discovered the most INCREDIBLE sandwhich.. which I think I need to share, and indeed am now typing this between scrumptious mouthfuls.

Alright.. so it sounds a bit.. eh, and most of you will be like.. obviously marin likes this sandwhich, but i assure you.. high quality food right here. and QUICK.

Alright.. so heres the deal, im calling it well- fuck the name, you eat it right?

So- turn on your burner, grease a pan- your about to cook an egg
take two slices of bread toast and em
While yout toasting take out some chummas, avacado and lettue
And, take out an egg
So by now.. the taost shoudl be warm.. take it out and put on a plate
Then.. crack your egg (provided that the pan is hot)
Now this parts gotta be quick because you still want the yellow runny..
Spread the chummas on the bread, put on some avacado.. to your liking of course
lettuce, on one side- too much lettue, not too fun.
Egg ready.. (flip it etc.. sunnyside style)
Egg on bread with chummus and avacado and your lettuce.. runny yellow.

alright. tata for now.
(im totally writing to myself.. but its so much fun!)
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
So im kind of embarassed that in my prevoius entry I wrote are instead of am several times.. I completely take it all back.

Bannana and peanut butter smoothies are very key, and I think that we should bring back the phrase "holy cow" as uttered by david today in Hebrew class.

My Hebrew teacher then decided that the phrase probably originated in India where the cows are indeed holy. But this simply does not seem true and is doubtful. What about Holy Smoke and Holy Moley I inquired. She had no reply.


and i am off to procrastinate some more.

Song of the moment.. "i bleed" by the pixies.

Alright now i really have to pee.. check out the song. adios.
Monday, November 03, 2003
My dog, kerri is barking incessantly at nothing, probably to get my attention, but its cold outside and i do not want to walk her, so i instead are selfishly ignoring her by writing this. Im in the mood to watch high fidelity and eat ice cream, but then again are in that indifferent mood where anything can really go and im not sure what i do want to do or do not.

And kerri is still barking and now im feeling guilty so i am going to go and take her out.

goodnight everyone

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